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Xmas Campaign supporting Covenant House

It’s that time of year when we think of those in need…

She Said Yes!

Meghan Markle’s ring details…

Celebrating 34 years with Carat? Karat? Carrot cake?

Celebrating 34 years…

How Romantic Are You?

Chocolates & Roses

Chocolates, roses, jewellery… these are the Valentine’s Day gifts symbolizing love, romance and friendship.

A True Christmas Story

A True Christmas Story

Betty ‘drove’ into Kahns Jewellers in her electric wheelchair, her hair was windswept, her coat unzipped on a cool winter’s morning.

Thanks for Your Support

Yellow Brickhouse

Our support for abused women and children at Yellow Brick House over Christmas brought smiles and tears of gratitude!

Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day

At Kahns Jewellers EVERY day is Mother’s Day!

Perfectly Platinum

Platinum Ring

Platinum is often looked upon as a short-term fad, rather than a long-term trend…

Valentine Traditions Around the World

Valentines Day

Things you might not have known about this hallmark holiday…

“Rocks” Around The Clock

Diamond Ring

“…owning old second-hand diamonds is better,… than none at all” so said Mark Twain.

Investing in Forever

Wedding Rings

Admit it or not, we are suckers for romance! In our disposable society today, where instant gratification rules…

A Rainbow Of Colours

Coloured Diamonds

The rarest fancy-coloured diamonds might at first sight seem to duplicate the ruby, sapphire and emerald…

A Diamond Is Forever


A true story of a diamond’s enduring strength, found in the ruins after 9/11!

A heartwarming custom design!

We all crave to remember loved ones…

How to Spot a Fake Diamond

I was recently asked, “when you look at a diamond with that miniature telescope thingamajiggy, what the hell are you really looking at?”

Know Your 4 Cs When Diamond Shopping!

Whether you’re buying a diamond for the first time or remodeling grandma’s heirloom – know the 4 Cs!

Have You Tried The Tooth Test?

Coloured Pearls

With the increase in popularity of pearls, we all want to know if our pearls are genuine or fake. Try the “tooth test!”

Caring For Your Jewellery at Home

Cleaning Jewellery

Some useful tips. Clean your diamond and gold jewellery with an old toothbrush, and mild liquid soap.

Why are Fancy-Coloured Diamonds so Rare?

Fancy Colored Diamonds

Only one in 100,000 diamonds has a deep enough natural colour to qualify as a ‘fine, fancy-coloured diamond’.