“I just wanted to take a minute and thank you for making me such an exquisite ring. I could not be happier!!! You were not only completely professional, but so kind and patient and supportive and you really heard me about what I was looking for. PG we will have other opportunities to work together again and I look forward to recommending your work to others. Thank you for everything!!!!!”

“Once again, you (Selwyn) rescued my precious jewellery. You took a mangled mess that was cut off for surgery and made my rings look brand new again! I can’t thank you enough!” [said in-between a tearful hug]

“Will always remember you, Selwyn, sitting down with me and a pile of inherited jewellery – valuable and costume – but precious to me. There was no money to be made, but your patience, warm cheer and company made the experience so very special. Whether you’re designing a new piece or adding a safety chain to a ‘tchachka,’ you are the the King of Customer Service! 🙏👏🏼

“I’ve been shopping at Kahn’s for over 30 years. Every customer, whether buying a diamond or a watch battery, gets the same level of personal attention from Selwyn. He is knowledgeable, honest and fair. If Selwyn does not have what you want in the store, he will find it for you or custom design it. Kahn’s is a true gem!”

“Our daughter-in-law absolutely LOVED the pendant you made… she began to cry when we gave it to her! It was magnificent! It was a BIG hit! You did a fabulous job and I can’t thank you enough!”

“We only found Kahns Jewellers in 2017. My husband needed his rings removed due to an operation on his hand. Selwyn was very professional in cutting the rings off and re-fitted them afterwards. Since then we have been to the store a few times for other jewellery matters. We were very satisfied with his work and service.”

“Just wanted to say thanks again for making my bangles, they’re perfect! You were super easy to work with and nailed exactly what I wanted! It’s a pleasure to work with someone who gives a time frame as to when it will be ready… and it is!”

“I have only recently “discovered” Selwyn, and I am impressed by his expertise, efficiency, prices and friendliness. He will be my Jeweller henceforth.”

Thank you for your expertise and time… Each moment I check the time on my watches, I remember your kindness. God Bless You!

“If you want an exquisite, one of a kind piece of jewellery then Selwyn will create it for you. If you need a special piece repaired or renewed then bring it to Kahn’s and you won’t be disappointed. Selwyn will take care of all your jewellery needs in a prompt, efficient and timely manner at a reasonable price. I wouldn’t trust anyone else.”

“Me and my fellow classmates of 1976 were thrilled to receive the grad rings you made for us … Never did we think it would look so good! We all wanted to thank you so much for making the rings look so much like the original.”

“I wear my pearls at least twice a week and they always used to break. Selwyn restrung them many years ago and I haven’t had a problem since! Don’t tell Sandy, but I love my jeweller!”

“The engagement ring is BEAUTIFUL! I thank you for your time and patience. The ring is everything and more – I love it.”

My husband and I have been dealing with Kahns Jewellers for more than twenty-five years… Selwyn has always provided us with accurate information to ensure that we understand the product(s) that we are purchasing. We are also impressed by the professional courtesies and warmth that Selwyn extends to us… His knowledge and skill with designing unique jewellery is also impressive. On several occasions, I wished to have Selwyn create jewellery based upon my own designs. He was very encouraging and graciously helped to refine my ideas so that the final design and piece far exceeded my original concept. As a Jeweller and Designer, Selwyn has a vast knowledge of materials and gemstones. He is also someone that we trust implicitly and know that when we ask for an appraisal, he provides us with accurate information.

The real ‘Gold’ is Selwyn himself, and we are proud to be customers that continue to support his business!

“Working with Selwyn is a pleasure. His honesty and integrity are better than 100%, his ideas the the result of his work is always beyond satisfactory. And that’s why I make the trek from the Beaches! It’s a pleasure knowing I can leave my valuables behind without any worry or concern whatsoever.”

“… I thank you for your trust. Not many would be that trusting these days.”