Adding Sparkle to your Life for 36 years!

Another milestone occasion at Kahns Jewellers as we celebrate our double ‘chai’ anniversary! 2 x 18 years in business is truly a special milestone in so many ways.
We have great customers who keep coming back and have made our journey so wonderful and worthwhile. You are all part of the Kahns Jewellers family, and every ring sized, diamond set, watch repaired, or gift purchased has a special story!
Like the customer who brought her earring in for repair – she had just arrived in Europe and had to open her iPhone to put in a new sim card – the earring pin did the trick, even if she couldn’t wear her earring again until Selwyn rescued it! 🤨
Then there’s the customer who asked Sandy if her dad could repair his chain, and without missing a beat, Sandy called out to the workshop, “dad, can you fix this chain?!” LOL we had a good laugh!! 😃
And then there are happy/sad stories, after all, most custom designs are all about creating lasting memories. The first pair of wedding bands Selwyn made in Cape Town in 1982 are no longer worn by two; sadly, our dear friend and customer’s husband recently passed away🙁. But there is a silver lining, the rings have been soldered together and they now shine beautifully on one hand instead of two! 💕
Thanks everyone for joining us on this amazing journey! Still making memories and still adding sparkle to your life after 36 years!