Celebrating 35 Years

June 1st 1983 was a momentous day in the young lives of Selwyn Kahnand Sandy De Jong Kahn – when we first opened the doors to Kahns Jewellers! Selwyn’s once onyx coloured hair is now silver and sparse; Cape Town’s surf and sun was replaced with skis and skates in Toronto; Braydon Kahn and Dustin Kahn have grown up (where has the time gone); and the family’s expanded with Leah Kahn! But there is one constant – our customers’ smiles haven’t changed over the years!

Our slogan, “adding sparkle to your life” has produced so many grateful smiles over the past 35 years. We’ve sized more than 5,500 rings, repaired over 7,300 broken chains, and replaced 9,000 watch batteries! Even our trademark custom designs have added up to thousands!

We have so many stories, some happy, some sad, some funny and some scary! One customer brought in a ring she hadn’t worn for 20 years which no longer fitted, and in true Selwyn style, he said “gosh, your ring must have shrunk!” and the customer, totally believing him, replied, “really?” 😊
Then there was a customer who lost her precious bracelet and found it 3 years later while gardening, and a similar story when a valuable ring was found amongst debris after the winter thaw! We’ve seen our fair share of tears, but mostly tears of joy and gratitude when seeing a remodelled, repaired or custom designed piece of jewellery! 💍

Over the years, Selwyn has inherited several interesting titles, from “Dr. Kahn” when frantic customers needed ‘emergency surgery’ requiring cutting, prying or sawing rings off swollen fingers; to “Saviour Selwyn” when distraught customers needed estimated replacement values of once beloved, now stolen jewellery; and “Secret Keeper” when trusted with keeping hundreds of secrets for soon-to-be-engaged couples!

We couldn’t have reached this milestone anniversary without all of you, our loyal customers around the globe. You’ve made each day feel golden! Your hugs, smiles and thank-yous have made it all worth while.
35 years and counting… May the memories continue! 🥂💍💎