A True Christmas Story

Betty ‘drove’ into Kahns Jewellers in her electric wheelchair, her hair was windswept, her coat unzipped on a cool winter’s morning. She drove over from the nearby senior’s home to buy a Christmas present for her daughter. Betty really liked the shiny white gold anklet for $49, but as she only had $35 in her purse, she finally settled on a pretty silver anklet for $22. When I asked if the gift was going under a Christmas tree, and would she like it gift wrapped, Betty’s jaw dropped open and she was speechless for a while. Eventually she regained her composure, and with tears in her eyes, she said “really?… that would be wonderful… I can’t wrap presents anymore,” as she showed me her arthritic hands!

The smile on Betty’s face as she left Kahns Jewellers was something special to see. We often gift-wrap presents, but seldom have we seen such appreciation for something we perceive to be so small.

It’s heartwarming to know that we’re still “adding sparkle to your life since 1983.”

by Selwyn Kahn